Tweakbox iOS

TweakBox iOS helps you get the Cydia applications for your iOS without spending a dime on them and without having to jailbreak even. Hence it is a form of legal hacking where the various applications are available but with a slight tweaked version which will give you complete experience of the said application without harming the application producer.

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TweakBox is basically an application installer, which empowers you to download third party applications, paid games and premium version of your favorite games with slight modification without having to spend a dime and even without having to jailbreak.


Features Tweakbox iOS

  • TweakBox promises you with a world full of unlimited fun. It’s an easy and affordable way to access modified, free and hacked applications.
  • It’s very secure. all the applications and their updates are delivered to your phone using a standard SSL encryption. Hence although it’s a world of hackers but do not pose any harm to the data and information on your phone.
  • Although it’s not a standard way to access any application but the developer and owner of TweakBox have had a great vision and have worked on its infrastructure to make it fast and reliable. You will not take more than a minute to download any game or application from Tweak Box. It as efficient as that.

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  • TweakBox comes with user friendly interface. The designer of this application has taken care of all vital characteristics of a fluent app which designing it. You can browse the application by category or by the various other methods like most popular applications, the most downloaded applications etc.
  • The best part of Tweak Box is that all the applications of Tweak Box are free. You don’t have to pay even a single dollar to access the applications presented on Tweak Box


Download TweakBox on Apple Devices :


Now it’s very easy to download the TweakBox on any apple device lie iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. You do not require a Mac or PC to download Tweak Box on your phone. Follow below steps to download the Tweak box on your apple device.

  1. Open safari browser and access this website –
  2. As you will open this website, there will be option to download tweakbox based on the version of your apple device.
  3. Click on the Download button within fifteen seconds a tweakbox application icon can be seen on your apple device dashboard.
  4. Now you can click on this icon to explore the whole world of thousands of free and premium applications.


So, what are you waiting for. A whole world of fun and enjoyment is waiting for you. In case you face difficulty in running a downloaded application, you must try and check the certificate for that application. You may have to manually enable the trust button for the application on your apple device. You may also watch how to video on YouTube to know the tweaks and tricks to fix any issue you might face to enable an application on your apple device.